Migrate Email from Office 365 to G Suite – G Suite is a set of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google Cloud, first launched on August 28, 2006 as Google Apps for Your Domain.

  • Create G Suite Account
  • Create G Suite users and assign licenses
  • Configure email delivery to G Suite
  • Prepare legacy system environment
  • Migrate data from legacy system

To create a G Suite account please visit sign up page.

G Suite Sign Up Page
G Suite Sign Up Page

Please follow the instruction to complete G Suite subscription.

Go to G Suite admin panel and and configure your additional domains to work with G suite.

G suite Admin Console
G suite Admin Console

Create G Suite Users and Assign License

Go to G Suite admin console and click on users > Add New User

Fill User details along with the email address and complete your account creation.

Assign license to the users if not assigned automatically. Click on user and go to Licenses tab.

G Suite License Page
G Suite License Page

Configure email delivery to G Suite

Go to your DNS service provider and change your MX records to G Suite enable message delivery to Google.

You can find MX records on Menu > Apps > G suite > Gmail > Setup > MX Records

Default Records
Priority        Points to

Check your MX records using MXToolbox

MX Lookup
MX Lookup

Prepare Legacy System Environment

Go to Office 365 admin panel and enable Application Impersonation

Please refer Setting up Application Impersonation for Exchange or Office 365 for more information

Application Impersonation can be used by the CloudMigrator to impersonate users so knowledge of the users’ credentials is not required. 

Application Impersonation is available on Microsoft Office 365 plan E3 and on Microsoft Exchange 2007 or higher. In order to setup Application Impersonation using PowerShell, the following steps should be carried out.

Migrate Data from Legacy System

Go to your G suite admin console and open Data Migration tool

Migrate Email from Office 365 to G Suite
Migrate Email from Office 365 to G Suite

Select email and click continue

Migrate Email from Office 365 to G Suite
Migrate Email from Office 365 to G Suite

Select Migration source “Microsoft Office 365” from drop down list and provide Impersonation account credentials

Click continue and select destination account to restore data.

Use GSMMO tool to upload existing PST to G suite. Make sure to install Microsoft outlook before start.

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