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Free Website Uptime & Blacklist Monitoring – It is very important to monitor your Shared Hosting, VPS, dedicated server or other services uptime to provide uninterrupted service to your customers. Here is a absolutely free tool to monitor uptime and blacklist.

Today we are going to discuss absolute free uptime and blacklist monitoring tool called HetrixTools

HetrixTools? – Uptime & Blacklist

HetrixTools (beta), launched in May 2015, was created with the purpose of giving webmasters a useful set of monitoring tools that would improve their efficiency and make their workflow simpler.
The platform you see before you is the result of thousands of coding hours, tens of thousands of lines of code, extensive QA testing, and countless cups of coffee.

We’ve custom coded HetrixTools from scratch, and not just the main features such as the blacklist monitor and uptime monitor modules, but also the support desk and billing system, because we wanted the final product to offer a premium experience for all of our clients, and we didn’t cut any corners in order to accomplish this.

Click here to claim your free uptime monitoring account

Click here to claim your free blacklist monitoring account

Looking for commercial version with advanced features?

HetrixTools Pricing options..

Hetrix Vision?

This platform was built with some well defined core goals:

  •  It must be simple, fast, and intuitive.
  •  It must deliver good, accurate, and clear results to the end user.
  •  It must be secure in order to fully protect our users’ data and privacy.
  •  It must be able to scale in order to meet a higher demand as the user base grows.
  •  It must be able to expand, so we can constantly add more features and tools.
  •  It must be useful and efficient.

 I believe that the goals we’ve initially set when this project was started are now fully met in order for us to open up the platform to the public. I am very excited to see these tools being put to work by the end users and I look forward to hearing their feedback. Our job here is far from being done, as we will constantly keep on developing new features to implement on the platform. 

Andrei P. Founder of HetrixTools

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